GAPCORP is a group of companies with global presence.

We are a distinguished ‘Third Party Administrator’ for the automotive industry, specializing in the administration of extended warranty, motor insurance and value added products, such as roadside assistance, track and trace as well as automotive accessories. We also offer the administration of extended warranty to Brown and White goods and electric products such as mobile phones, and TVs.

GAPCORP specializes in the services of  Finance & Insurance platform for automotive dealers and access to reinsurance and insurance broking in multiple markets through our affiliates and subsidiary companies.

To ensure our global success, we have enhanced our products & services by deploying our very own direct marketing through our specialized  call center and insurance broker services.

GAPCORP group has operating subsidiaries in the Middle East and North Africa, South East Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Our geographical spread gives us the advantage and exposure to diverse markets and newly emerging opportunities.


GAPCORP Group vision is to be a GLOBAL developer of INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS and SERVICES, to provide ASSURITY and administer value added products for our customers providing CONTINUOUS MOBILITY.


Ensure a collaborative work environment with efficient work processes that empower our team for quick and prompt responses to our customers’ needs.

Leverage and develop our pool of talent to service the stakeholders and improve the quality and quantity of business.

Continuously enhance and improve our line of products to ensure annual horizontal and vertical growth.

ISO Certification

GAPCORP GROUP is proud to announce it has been Re-Certified as an ISO 9001:2008 compliant organization for Administration of Vehicle Insurance and Extended Warranty Services.

The certification of compliance with ISO 9001:2008 recognizes that the policies, practices and procedures of our Company ensure consistent quality in the product and services we provide to our clients. With this certification, our clients can be confident that GAPCORP is dedicated to maintaining the highest efficiency and responsiveness in achieving our ultimate goal – guaranteed client satisfaction.

CEO Message

Every customer counts, every customer for life…

This has been our guiding principles since the company was founded and continues to be our core focus.

Our Company is not a traditional company; neither would we want it to be. We are committed to quality and unparalleled customer service while striving to be a contributing member of our society.

We emphasize an atmosphere of creativity, challenge and endeavor to consistently provide outstanding service by working as a unified and cohesive team. Our daily rewards consist of trust and respect that we gain from our customers, business partners, employees and shareholders alike. There is no magic formula to our success. By concentrating on best business practices and applying the basic customer service requirements the Company has achieved its successes through this proactive approach and mix of superior talent of our Team, hard work and an understanding of our customer’s needs.

Managing effectively in a constantly changing business environment is vital for our success. Developing and implementing dynamic business and marketing strategies that are adaptable to changing conditions are essential in our time. These challenges mandate that we develop and harness the skills essential to anticipating and responding to the constantly changing needs of our customers and markets.

A company’s most valuable asset is its people. GAPCORP is supported by highly qualified & effective management team with multinational experience and expertise. We turn strategic insights into operational realities by bringing a mix of strategic, functional and technical professionals.

We have a practical approach, combining these capabilities to develop strategies for execution and implementation to grow our business. With rigor efforts at pace, the team grounds itself with a dynamic and motivated approach by which we are able to transform strategic intent into long-term shareholder value, increase market share and achieve continuous business growth.

The Company, by providing third party administration, insurance solutions, F & I services and other value added products, has positioned itself into a first in its class in providing a fully integrated solution to our business partners. Our Vision is to grow into markets where we currently find that we are able to provide our unparalleled service and where our customers feel that our services will support their overall products and services.

Our promise, “We  ensure that our Team and Vendors provide the best possible products and services to support our customers’ requirements, to help them achieve their strategic and financial goals through our business partnerships and to ensure that we will grow at least at their required pace, if not more, in each market we service.”

GAPCORP Strategy

Our strategic priorities are based on 5 core principles:
Target profitable and sustainable growth worldwide
  • Our geographical span enables us to identify and evaluate opportunities, tailor requirements to sustain profit and growth. We maintain progression within a firm financial and underwriting discipline.
Improve our customer proposition to maintain a competitive edge
  • We offer unique specifications to attract and retain customers, and change these in response to the market rates to always maintain advantage.
Develop innovative and enhanced product options
  • Being the pioneer in Third Party Administration, we continuously develop our products and seek the acquisition of new and innovative products, which enables us to be the most trailblazing and current provider. GAPCORP has deployed AI and digital technologies for the TPA which added significant capabilities to the TPA platform. 
Ensure operational efficiency and excellence
  • With regular evaluation processes in place, we are able to adapt every aspect of our operations to deliver effectively and to the up-most of our ability.
Attract and retain talent in the industry
  • We believe we are where we are because of our people. We strive to find the most talented individuals in the industry and keep them with ongoing development and provide them generous reward to keep them motivated.

Corporate Governance

GAPCORP’s employs internationally accepted highest standards and best practices above reproach to ensure our stakeholders of good corporate governance, thereby retaining their trust and confidence and enabling GAPCORP to operate effectively and excel.

GAPCORP’s corporate governance practices have been structured around the following five principles:

  • Alignment of interests among stakeholders, clients and management
  • Clear channels of communication between all levels of the company
  • Strict compliance, disclosure and transparency of reporting
  • Proactive risk management
  • Responsive reviews, deliberation and collective decision-making

Code of Conduct Policy

Corporate Social Responsibilities

GAP Group of Companies takes our corporate social responsibility seriously and each year we sponsor projects locally and internationally to help those we believe need it most.

We believe that being socially responsible not only helps us highlight the needs of critical initiatives and projects but also provides us with a great reminder of how our time and not necessarily our financial commitment, can help others.

For more information, check Nasser and Rula Watar Foundation Website