People are at the core of our business and at GAPCORP, we are always on the look-out for good people with potential to grow.

Our CEO’s entrepreneurial leadership provides a vast array of opportunities to develop our people and to encourage employees to constantly think outside the box and be innovative in the way they do things.

GAPCORP invest in both graduates who are new to the field as well as existing professionals who are looking for their next step. By joining our team you will not only learn from our diverse skills, but your strengths will also make our collective team stronger.

Over the past 14 years, we have worked hard to build a culture of transparency, equal opportunities, and innovation in our work place, and we are united by our long term vision and our daily mission to walk the extra mile in pursuit of greater accomplishments. We not only provide local opportunities, but working for the GAP CORP Group also provides regional and international possibilities.

If you are ready to take the leap into your future and join GAPCORP Team, check out the career opportunities within the GAPCORP Group and send us your CV on

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Employees Testimonial

I started my career with GAPCORP Team in June 2009. Since then, my experience has been truly amazing. The opportunities and challenges provided by this company are constantly pushing me to be the best that I possibly can be. I have learned more, worked harder and enjoyed myself beyond my expectations here.

We have a culture of cooperation and support, which I think is rare in today’s workplace. We have strong teams who care about work but more importantly, about each other. We pull together when tides are rough and celebrate the victories we harvest together. I am moving forward in the company knowing that this is where future lies!

Usman Maqsood

General Manager - Group Internal Audit

Being part of a GAPCORP team is an incredible experience, where I get to work with very talented professionals in positive atmosphere. Organization is focused on employees’ development and centered to provide the best possible working environment, which makes us enjoy working here.

Yevgeniya Yushina

PA to Company Director | Majed Watar

I have joined GAPCORP Team 8 years back – Great team, very dedicated, professional, cooperative and encouraging work culture. I’ve had the opportunity to continuously learn, grow, and develop new skills and abilities.

Rajesh K.

Claims Manager

GAPCORP’s outstanding culture and values allow all employees to feel this is where they belong, this is important to me. Its diverse ethnicity, with talented people & great leadership makes it a nice place to work.

Khadija Abdulla

Administrator Officer

I enjoy and thrive in an environment that fosters diversity within its work culture, which makes GAPCORP an ideal place to be – it reflects the greatness of being part of Dubai.

Makpal Zhumabayeva

Senior Financial Analyst

GAPCORP provides a great environment in keeping work-life balance that promotes satisfaction for both personal and professional life. Moreover, continuous learning is offered which brings opportunities to develop and grow as individuals and as leaders. I am grateful to be a part of the best team!”

Joan Sanchez

Call Center Supervisor

From a Learning and Development perspective, colleagues have shown eagerness towards their own personal development. Given the changing times in our industry and how we need to relate to our stakeholders, such high interest and personal accountability in one’s behavioural and skills development is one of the main indicators that we are able to compete at a global scale.

 The organization supports and promotes a learning culture by investing a high number of hours to allow colleagues dedicated time for their own personal and professional skills development by attending the in-house trainings.

Jardine Ong

Training Manager