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GAPCORP is a distinguished third-party insurance & warranty administrator we act as intermediaries between manufacturers, dealers, warranty providers, policyholders, and other parties involved in the insurance and warranty processes. We provide a range of services to efficiently manage and administer insurance and warranty policies on behalf of the above-mentioned parties.

Our administration services include:

  • Policy administration: we handle various administrative tasks related to insurance and extended warranty policies. This includes policy issuance, policy changes, and endorsements. We maintain policy records, update customer information, and handle premium payments and collections.
  • Customer service: We serve as the primary point of contact for policyholders. They handle inquiries, provide information on policy coverage and benefits, assist with claim submissions, and address customer concerns or complaints. We strive to deliver prompt and reliable customer service to ensure a positive experience for policyholders.
  • Claims management: One of the crucial functions of our business is managing insurance claims. We receive and process claims on behalf of the warranty providers. This involves verifying claim details, assessing coverage, coordinating with repair service providers, and facilitating the settlement process.
  • Data management and reporting: We maintain comprehensive databases and utilize specialized software systems to manage policy and claims data. We generate reports and analytics for warranty providers, supplying insights on policy utilization, claim trends, financial performance, and other key metrics. This helps our warranty partners make informed decisions and improve their operations.

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