Security Services

GAPCORP Security Solution division is a subsidiary of the GAPCORP group, with a strong presence in the region for over 10 years. With a team of highly skilled experts and professionals, our division strives to become a leader in the field by delivering comprehensive services throughout the region. We specialize in providing security services and value-added technology products for the advancement of next-generation smart cities.

At GAPCORP Security Solution, we are dedicated to enhancing security and surveillance capabilities with our innovative offerings. Our product portfolio includes state-of-the-art smart cameras designed specifically for license plate recognition (LPR), face recognition, object detection, and surveillance purposes. These advanced cameras utilize cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to provide accurate and real-time monitoring capabilities. In addition to that, our expertise extends to voice recognition, speech analysis, and voice-based identity solutions, enabling secure and efficient authentication processes. We also provide nationwide mobile security solutions, ensuring that service providers can protect their mobile networks and data from potential threats. For enterprises seeking customized solutions, our division offers enterprise-level track and trace products tailored to their specific requirements. These solutions enable organizations to effectively monitor and trace their assets, enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing risks.

Our security solutions are designed to provide complete customization, offering flexibility to meet the unique requirements of our customers. To enhance usability and accessibility, our solutions come with cloud-based fully responsive web applications. These applications can be hosted in a private cloud, public cloud, or a hybrid environment, depending on the specific needs and preferences of our clients. To facilitate seamless integration with existing systems and solutions, we provide an extensive set of well-documented APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). These APIs enable smooth communication and data exchange between our security solutions and our customers’ existing systems. This allows for streamlined workflows, efficient data sharing, and the consolidation of information from various sources. Whether it’s integrating our security solutions with access control systems, video management platforms, or other security infrastructure, our APIs ensure compatibility and interoperability. Our aim is to provide a cohesive and integrated security ecosystem that optimizes the effectiveness of our customers’ security operations.

Our esteemed customer base includes governments, ministries, forensic and police departments, and enterprises that rely on our expertise and solutions. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique security challenges and provide customized strategies to effectively address them. Our commitment to excellence and continuous innovation has established us as a trusted security partner in the industry.

By choosing GAPCORP Security Solution division, our clients benefit from our extensive experience, advanced technology offerings, and unwavering dedication to their security needs. We are driven by a passion to create safer environments and contribute to the development of smarter and more secure cities.

Our Security Specialties

License Plate Recognation

The LPR System features up to four IP67-rated, low-profile LPR / ANPR dual-lens (infrared and color) cameras with integrated processors (also available in a more compact camera with separate trunk-mounted processor). Mobile LPR recognizes license plates in the camera’s field of view, matches against various hotlists, and alerts the officer on the vehicle’s Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) or laptop.
Industry-leading Performance is a given with our Mobile LPR / ANPR system. Plate recognition accuracy (the ability of the system to automatically trigger an image capture on the presence of the license plate) and plate read accuracy (the ability of the system to accurately interpret the characters) is superior.

The license plate recognition intelligence platform is a hosted solution for law enforcement, this platform eliminates specific IT requirements within the police department and provides almost infinite scalability and data security.
The platform transforms disparate sets of data into actionable intelligence. Data such as Fixed LPR, and Mobile LPR are merged together with powerful analytics and condensed into meaningful and visual intelligence – intelligence that will protect officers, families, and communities, and ultimately save lives.

The System provides a license plate recognition (LPR) management and analytic platform of unmatched capabilities.  it provides organizations with an easy way to manage users and vehicle hotlists, query historical license plate reader (LPR) data and used advanced analytics for enhanced investigations.  

Face Recognation

Our exclusive face recognition software solution is designed to monitor existing IP video surveillance cameras for purposes of facial cataloging.  Each video frame is analyzed for the presence of a human face and thumbnailed for later retrieval by location, date or time parameters.  In addition to facial cataloging, the software also offers near-real-time monitoring of watchlists via integration with a centralized facial recognition server.

Leverage Existing IP Cameras, or specialized face recognition intelligent cameras, to create another layer of security in your downtown area, airport, retail center, campus, jail, or other location. Enhance the utility of existing cameras and make the data more useful and easy to access.  Save hundreds of hours scanning video and improve efficiencies in investigations.

Easy-to-use reporting allows you to quickly pull face data based on location, time and data parameters.  Search across multiple locations, send images to the centralized server for matching against watchlists and/or your gallery, create PDFs or output to other needed formats for case files or for email to others involved in the investigation.

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Speech Recognation

We offer cutting-edge technologies for real-time speech recognition, voice matching, voice printing, speech analysis, and voice-based biometric solutions. These advanced solutions are specifically designed to cater to the needs of forensic departments, financial institutions, and large organizations.

Our voice-based solutions utilize state-of-the-art AI technologies and are powered by high-performance servers. These servers are capable of efficiently collecting, analyzing, and matching large volumes of audio recordings.

Voice matching capabilities enable the identification and verification of individuals based on their unique vocal characteristics. By creating voice prints and analyzing voice patterns, our solutions can authenticate individuals, ensuring secure access to sensitive information and systems.

Our speech analysis tools provide comprehensive insights into spoken content, allowing organizations to extract valuable information and detect patterns. These tools can assist forensic departments in analyzing audio evidence, financial institutions in monitoring compliance and fraud detection, and large organizations in gaining valuable business intelligence.

Track and Trace

Monitoring and Security Vehicle tracking  with Added Value 

  • Can be supplied with the SIM card and with online data transmission from the device
  • Automatically creates a log book for your vehicles
  • Easily differentiates your business trips from private journeys for vehicle tracking
  • Keep a record of the fueling and service requirements of your vehicle
  • Controls the fuel consumption
  • The system warns when leaving and entering established areas set up in the program
  • Keeps a record of accidents and evaluates the behaviour of drivers
  • You can select a world map with the option to switch to a satellite view
  • You can select the SIM card with online traffic around the world

Next Generation Vehicle Security

  • Automatic security when you leave the vehicle
  • Timely tracking of the vehicle when stolen
  • Effective, covert security unit
  • Location of the vehicle anytime and anywhere
  • view the position of the vehicle on a map on your computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Alarm on your mobile phone or security agency in the event of unauthorised use of a vehicle
  • Remote immobilisation
  • Tilt sensor -> prevention against wheel theft
  • Sensor in the cab -> unauthorised entry into the vehicle


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