Insurance Business Partners

GAPCORP’s financial stability and the ability to provide a wide range of products and responsive services have attracted the following core business partners:

Arabia Insurance

Arabia Insurance Company draws its strength from 64 years of experience in the Arab and Middle Eastern Insurance community. Established in 1944 and later incorporated in Beirut, Lebanon with a fully paid-up capital of L.B.P 51,000,000,000 (Lebanese Pounds Fifty One Billion), Arabia Insurance currently provides its insurance services within Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE and Oman.

Arabia Insurance Company

Arabia Insurance Cooperative

Arabia Insurance Cooperative Company is a Saudi Joint Stock Co. that was established in 03/04/2007 as per Royal Decree No. M/23 with fully paid up capital of SR 200 Million. The company holds, through its shareholders, an experience of more than fifty years in the Saudi market and sixty seven years in the Arab world.

Arabia Insurance Cooperative Company

Al Wataniya Insurance

Al Wataniya Insurance Company commenced operations under its name in the second quarter of 2010. However, Wataniya has inherited the legacy of Saudi National Insurance Company (SNIC) which had been registered in Bahrain and operating in KSA since 1975.

Al Wataniya Insurance Company


Damaan Islamic Insurance Company (Beema)

Managed by a team of qualified and experienced professionals and supervised by a distinguished Sharia’ Board, Beema is incorporated under the laws and regulations of Qatar. Beema are focused on delivering Sharia’ compliant and products insurance across the GCC.
Beema aim to meet the high demand for Takaful products in Qatar and the GCC countries by offering new Takaful solutions that provide outstanding cover and protection to our valued clients against the widest possible risks.
Damaan Islamic Insurance Company (Beema) was incorporated in September 2009 as a fully Sharia’ compliant private Closed Qatari Shareholding Insurance Company.
Authorised and paid up capital is QR 200 million.
The Company is licensed to transact all classes of insurance.

Damaan Islamic Insurance Company

Howden Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers (PHIL.), INC.

In 2011 Accette Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers became a part of Howden Broking Group. Now known as Howden Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers (Phil) Inc, the company has been providing insurance solutions to clients in the Philippines for over 36 years.

Howden Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers (PHIL.), INC.

Lonsdale & Associates Insurance Brokers

Lonsdale & Associates Insurance Brokers is a corporate insurance broker offering a wide range of insurance services to medium and large corporate clients which broadly include insurance broking, risk management and consulting services.

Lonsdale & Associates Insurance Brokers

Al-Muthanna Takaful Insurance

Al-Muthanna Takaful Insurance Company’s Board of Directors comprises some of the most professional and highly respectable names in Kuwait’s financial and banking industry. All of whom have had major achievements to their credit and played leading roles in their respective fields. This has given the company a head start and has positioned it as a pioneer in the Takaful Insurance market in Kuwait.

Al-Muthanna Takaful Insurance Company

FPG Insurance

FPG Insurance, Inc. is one of the leading independent non-life insurance companies in the Philippines. Established in 1958 by the Zuellig Group of Companies, Federal Phoenix has built a reputation for having in-depth customer knowledge and insight, a powerful alliance with global institutions coupled with local expertise, and the ability to provide customer focus and ease of doing business. They design the best insurance protection to cover your every need.

FPG Insurance Company


Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co Ltd., is one of Japan’s oldest and largest non-life Insurance companies, which traces its roots back to 1879. Having business network in 37 countries and 456 cities around the world. Operating in the UAE market since 1976, TMNF caters to the insurance needs of a wide range of Japanese and Non-Japanese clientele.


Automotive Clients and Business Partners

Our reputation for service excellence, innovative expertise and proven ability to develop and market a complete range of extended warranty and insurance products, has secured our relationship with corporate clients that trade under globally recognized brand names. Our clientele represents a wide spectrum that range from medium to large business enterprises and to well-known multinational corporations.

Technology Business Partners

Vigilant Solutions

Vigilant Solutions creates highly innovative and essential tools for law enforcement – tools that ultimately saves lives. As an example, Vigilant Solutions’ Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR / LPR) product is the most comprehensive offering available, with over tens of thousands of users around the world and thousands of success stories.

Vigilant Solutions Website


iTel is geared towards providing technical professional services in Information Technology (IT) and Security, servicing the Middle East & North African (MENA) Region.

iTel is Focused, Optimized, and Reliable partner offering innovative professional services and Products, ranging from honest technical consultancy services to a complete outsourcing solutions, planning, design, optimization, and system Integration.

 iTel Website

Guidepoint Systems

Guide Point systems is one of GAPCORP’s global business partners that provide a state-of-the-art computer module equipped with a global positioning satellite (GPS) receiver, a wireless data modem and vehicle interface component that allows us to “talk to the vehicle“.

Guidepoint Website

Level Systems

Level has been working successfully on the market since 1990. During this time, the company has become one of Europe’s leading producers of telecommunications, security and lighting technologies and has gained certification of the quality management system ISO 9001:2009

With more than twenty years experience in the field we are able to combine the most effective tools with a simple and familiar interface, whilst maintaining a high level of reliability and quality.

 Level Systems Website


Viper is one of GAPCORP’s business partners that provides vast of products as Viper SmartStart which is the only vehicle remote start system that works with any smartphone. With SmartStart, the user can use their smartphone to pre-warmhis or her vehicle’s cabin in the winter, pre-cool it in the summer, lock and unlock the vehicle’s doors, open the trunk, and even find their car in a parking lot, all using your smartphone and from any distance.

Viper Website


Cilajet was brought to the automotive industry as the first true anti-corrosive “aviation grade” paint sealant, conforming to the latest Boeing Specifications (Spec. D6-17487, Revisions R & T) … now available exclusively through automotive dealerships. 

Because Cilajet is so unique and best-in-class in its amazing results and performance, it is the product of choice for many high line automotive enthusiasts. Cilajet’s customers include dealers who specialise in Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Aston Martin, Jaguar, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi. And our customers also include Toyota, Honda, Ford, Hyundai, and Kia. Cilajet is for the person who wants to make their car look amazing, and get to enjoy that experience for years… no matter what your choice of vehicle.

Cilajet Website